What We Do

Urban Storage develops investment grade self-storage product in the most sought after, high barrier to entry urban core markets in the United States. The fund’s strategy capitalizes on the opportunity created by the convergence of demographically-driven shifts in self-storage demand toward urban core markets, combined with the historically low levels of recent and projected new self-storage development in these areas.


  1. Leverage fund manager industry experience and capabilities to develop institutional grade self-storage product in high barrier to entry urban markets characterized by high rents, occupancies, and valuations.
  2. Develop product at below replacement cost to preserve 100% of initial invested capital and realize superior risk-adjusted returns on investment.
  3. Focus on sourcing off-market opportunities through network of regional relationships with owners, brokers, and principals.
  4. Achieve first-mover advantages in the following areas:
    1. Sourcing properties
    2. Accessing local development resources and expertise
    3. Minimizing lease-up time by being first-to-market vis-à-vis competition
  5. Speed development timing by targeting sites where self-storage is a “by-right” zoning use, thereby mitigating entitlement risk and development delays.
  6. Utilize attractive debt refinance markets upon stabilization of properties to access lower interest rates and enable the earlier return of investor capital.
  7. Employ exit strategy that capitalizes on the institutionalization of the self-storage asset class = compressed cap rates = highest exit valuations
  8. Create additional value through portfolio generation
  9. Leverage third-party property management relationships to become “last-look” acquisition pipeline for public REITs and large private operators that are not structured for development.